"Peter is a great example of our young players keeping the heritage of great music alive. I had the pleasure to play with him. He was fantastic."

-Louie Bellson

"Peter Miles was born to play music."

-Branford Marsalis

"Peter is not just capable of blending into any playing situation, but makes a unique, creative, and substantial contribution to every musical situation of which he's a part."

-Joshua Breakstone

"Peter Miles is an extraordinary musician who has a terrific knowledge and feeling of the quarter note beat. It is a pleasure and spiritual experience to listen and to play with him."

-Ben Tucker

"Miles was especially impressive, able to shift gears from straight ahead swing one moment to New Orleans second line rhythms the next."

-John Kelman,

"...with drummer Peter Miles roaring and crashing like waves on the shore,"

"...Wamble's ensemble, bassist Jeff Hanley and drummer Peter Miles in particular, can swing with the best of them."

-The Buffalo News.